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Epola Lapel Pins


About Epola

Resin Epola is the most popular lapel pin style, and is widely considered to be the highest quality pin on the market. “Misty Cloisonné, Resin Cloisonné, Imitation Cloisonné or Hard Enamel” are the other names used for Resin Epola. Even though some refer to this style as “Imitation Cloisonne”, Epola lapel pins are simply a newer style of pin that was not available years ago.  This style pin allows for the use of any PMS color, and allow for very fine detail.


Die Struck Lapel Pins


Die Struck

Custom die struck lapel pins are made by creating a die/mold with your chosen design.  This die is then used to cast your lapel pins. A trim tool is then used to carefully cut out the outside shape of your lapel pin.  If needed, sand blasting is used to create the textured or “sandblast” background to ensure that the raised metal portion of the pin “stands out”.  The raised surface of your lapel pin is then polished to a mirror like finish. This gives the die stuck lapel pin it’s distinct jewelry type look.


Die Cast Lapel Pins


Die Cast

Die cast pins are like miniature sculptures that you can wear. Our talented artists can take your ideas and turn it into a multi-layered 3D model which is then plated in a metallic finish. Popular looks include gold, silver, brass, copper and pewter. These eye-catching pins are extremely desirable and perfect to commemorate a special event.


Photo Etched Lapel Pins


Photo Etched

Photo etched lapel pins are manufactured by taking an image of your design and transferring it from film onto the surface of a sheet of metal. Your design is then etched into the brass or copper using an acid etching process. Then all of the acids and other impurities are carefully cleaned from the surface. The indentations created by the acid etching process are then filled with the enamel colors. Each color is applied by hand, one at a time, using different sized syringes. Compared to epola lapel pins, photo etched lapel pins are less expensive. But, still have a high perceived value. The biggest advantage to photo etched lapel pins is that the process offers you much more detail and flexibility in design and selection of colors. This allows your imagination to run creatively for an elaborate lapel pin design.


Photo Dome Lapel Pins


Photo Dome

Photo Dome lapel pins or ‘quick pins’ are perfect for quick turnaround situations where you need quality lapel pins but don’t have very much time. Essentially, they have a printed image place on top of a stock vinyl base and are covered with a poly dome or epoxy. Images and logos with a great amount of detail can be used. Colors can be blended; bleeds and gradients can be accommodated and they are very cost effective.


Wooden Lapel Pins



Our wooden lapel pins are all hand crafted, designed, and finished in-house. This process is completed by taking a large sheet of bamboo wood that it is individually, laser engraved to the exact specifications of your artwork. These pins are brand new to the lapel pin community and have become the latest trend in gift shops and memorabilia around the country.