3 Promises for 35 Years.


Customer Service

Hogeye, Inc. takes pride in making sure each customer speaks to a person, not an automated system. A personable, friendly representative to assist in making your vision come to life. Our relationship to our customers is of great importance to us; from initial contact, until you have your order in hand. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.


Quality Merchandise

Great products start with great ideas, continue with quality artwork, and the best in manufacturing processes. We make sure to give special attention to all aspects involved in the items we provide. Your colleagues and customers recognize quality, you expect quality, and we strive for quality.


Competitive Pricing

Hogeye, Inc. realizes there are a number of factors to help you achieve success. The cost of goods, a quick turnaround when ordering, and a smaller minimum on orders are areas we excel in to help you facilitate that success. Everyone at our team works together to ensure you the best experience. When our customers are winning, we are winning.